Best of the blogs: investment banking

Seek inspiration from this list of investment banking blogs.

1. The Banker
As its name suggests, The Banker covers all issues the City faces. In depth. As you’d expect from a trade journal owned by the FT Group, the site is aimed more at practitioners than the layperson. But all is not lost: for a regular take on industry trends, however, the editor’s blog does the job. Updated frequently, it tackles trends such as Generation Y’s sceptical view of financial institutions to the interstices of shadow-banking.

2. Bond Vigilantes
Rarely does a practitioner tackle a niche subject and be understood by any reader. But the team at Bond Vigilantes consistently pulls off this trick. Admittedly, the subject matter is narrow, but for a deep dive into bonds, free from insider jargon and assumed knowledge, this blog is full of leads and ideas that are worth exploring for your own content.

3. Qfinance
Qfinance is noted for its clout in professional circles; regular contributors include seasoned and well-known journalists to hoary handed partitioners. While the site focuses on both enduring and current issues in the financial arena, the editor’s blog is limited to two types of post: what’s in the calendar for the week ahead, and retrospective roundups. Ideal if you need to commission something current with a quick turnaround time.

4. Alphaville
Alphaville is arguably the FT’s best-known blog. It’s daily mix of politics, economics and finance might not appeal to every palette, but Alphaville is worth following for the fact that it is the loudest bleep on everyone else’s radar. Maintained by a dedicated team of top-tier journalists, it both defines and describes the agenda of the day.

5. Interfluidity
Definitely a wonkish, academic take on the markets. While the economically uninitiated should probably give this a wide berth, the blog’s bookish and therefore more timeless editorial is a good example of content that will live for months rather than just a matter of days. Worth following for fresh insights and thought leadership.

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