How to fight a Google penalty

Naturally, Google (and other search engines) are vigilant against the types of sites that employ tricky means to appear higher in search results. Rather than relying on the quality of the content they create, these sites use unnatural links, keyword stuffing and other questionable techniques to appear more authoritative and popular than they actually are. When these sites appear high up in the rankings of a search engine, it damages the reputation of the search site.

Sometimes, of course, with the best of intentions, your site may fall foul of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – it may have been hacked, you might have used too many keywords in your copy or you may have inherited a site that employed too many unnatural links. Google’s penalty for such breaches is to bump you so far down the rankings that you might as well not be on the list at all.

At other times, an update to Google’s algorithms may mean new penalties for content, which Google previously deemed OK.

Thankfully, Google is keen to invite back those sites that fall foul of its rules, and regularly update its pages on submitting a Reconsideration Request to the site.

Reconsideration process

If you need to submit a Reconsideration Request, or are puzzled by why your site may have dropped down Google’s search rankings, your first step should be to read Google’s advice on the subject.

The steps to securing a review are simple:

1. Log in your Webmaster Tools account
2. Click the Manual Actions tab to find out whether Google has taken any actions against your site.
3. Address those issues listed under the manual action.
4. Check to see if your site complies with the Security Issues section.
5. You’re nearly done… Click ‘Request a review’ and Google will be sent your application.

Of course, Content Desk would always recommend creating high-quality content that hopefully will keep you clear of any penalties. But given the importance of search, it’s also good practice to monitor Google’s rules from time to time.

If you need Google to reconsider your site, then good luck!

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