The month in content marketing: April 2017

Between Pepsi’s miserable attempts at meaningful advertising and United Airlines’s combative approach to passenger control, April was a month of marketing blunders

Thankfully, the world’s content connoisseurs are on hand to provide some handy insights on fresh formatting, amplifying agility and foregoing fakery.


Content Desk has been a rallying point for the fake news fightback in recent months. It’s a topic that has taken content marketing by storm.

Increasingly, content creators are taking a deeper look at fake news. Although consumers are more on the lookout for inauthenticity than ever before, the extent to which the fake news storm has captured the popular imagination and poured scrutiny on journalistic complacency could have some unexpected advantages for the world of content.

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This burning hot buzzword has taken up residence in marketers’ phrasebooks of late. Proponents tout agile marketing as the future of content, throwing out the rulebook for how organisations work.

In addition to the overall importance of making marketing more agile, analysts are homing in on potential stumbling blocks – and the essential points that underpin marketing processes.

For the marketing community’s most ardent speed junkies, agility is not merely a technique for giving fatigued processes a much-needed shot in the arm – it’s a way of life. From applying it to content to full-scale agile marketing manifestos, this is a trend worth taking seriously.

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Are you utilising the right content formats for your business? April saw a wealth of analysis discussing the benefits of new content formats, as well as the underappreciated advantages of some old favourites.

Content marketing’s range of applications inherently requires a diverse approach. If you’re trying to generate a purchase, user-generated content may assist the process; if you’re aiming to improve internal or B2B communications, webinars and podcasts are often underused but always effective.

Overlap, it seems, is the key to success. Consider, for example, improving on stale blog posts by using chatbots to guide users further down the purchasing funnel, or taking video content to the next level with a flourish of VR.

Mixing up content formats is a potentially profitable strategy – finding the next winning combination could give you the edge over competitors.

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