How this brand brought personality and expertise into its content campaign

A series of videos combining practical advice with personal stories to engage, entertain and inform

When it comes to successful content marketing, there is always a balance to be struck.

You want to promote your own expertise while still engaging an audience of both current and prospective clients. The days of the hard sell are behind us, better instead to start conversations and provide a useful service.

Video can be an intimidating prospect. Compared with written articles, it can seem prohibitively expensive and take much longer to complete. However, when it comes to engagement, video can be a timeless and effective tool.

For Reed Education, the challenge was clear but multifaceted. To inform a range of teachers of their options, inspire them into seeking the best path for their careers and show that Reed Education’s expertise makes them the ideal partner on this journey.

The approach

Firstly, full disclosure, Progressive Content and Reed Education worked together on this project. (Remember what I said about balance in the first sentence?)

The most pressing issue was to define the audience more carefully. In the case of this campaign, the audience was broken down into Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs), teachers, heads of department and head teachers.

Reed Education sourced teachers from across the country. A trusted video production company, Shoot the Company, was commissioned using Content Cloud.

The videos cover two basic topics for each set of teachers: one showing the personal side of life as a teacher; the other how Reed Education is best placed to help teachers find their perfect role.

Finally, Reed Education consultants were brought in to provide two more videos – providing concrete advice and expertise on the jobseeking process.

The result 

Half of the videos lean heavily on the personal. The anecdotes of best moments in the classroom are engaging and show the people behind the job.

The other half offers tips and advice – practical steps for teachers at all different levels to follow. The videos begin with behind-the-scenes ‘outtakes’, immediately distinguishing them as more informal and lighthearted. That tone, along with a running time of less than 90 seconds, makes them ideal for sharing and consuming easily.

Additionally, each teaching level has an accompanying online and print career guide, featuring more expert tips and stories from teachers and Reed Education consultants.

Here are two of the finished products:

There are still two more sets of videos to come ­– focusing on heads of departments and head teachers. But by clearly defining audience and goal, as well as adopting a personal approach to filming style and the content itself, the videos showcase Reed Education’s expertise and approachability.

Does your content have the personal touch?

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