How a complete content solution can transform the way your sales force communicates

Combining a content platform, app and editorial services to create a network of advocates and build business

The challenge

As all content marketers know, the audience is king. For businesses, identifying audience can be a case of looking firstly at business model. For example, if insurance products are sold by your own sales team and through a network of third-party brokers – there’s your audience.

The content should therefore empower both of these audiences to build better relationships with clients and prospects by sharing content.

Along with this, there needs to be a natural home for marketing materials, key policy terms and conditions and guides.

And it’s no good having great content if it can’t be found. A dedicated app can enable content to be searched and shared efficiently.

That was the challenge facing Unum, one of the UK’s leading employee benefits providers – specialising in financial protection including income protection, sick pay insurance, critical illness cover, life insurance and dental cover.

Unum recognised that content can drive engagement around a subject and build brand loyalty from an audience. Teaming up with Progressive Content to build a knowledge bank of content: Clive was born.

The approach

Clive is a bespoke knowledge bank that reflects Unum’s needs – with the engaging feel of a news site. The content created covers subjects from HR and employee benefit trends to product-specific Unum pages.

Editorially, Progressive Content has a dedicated team of writers, designers and editors producing topical articles and infographics – working closely with Unum’s marketing team. In addition, this is coupled with Progressive’s content marketing platform Content Cloud which houses a wide network of specialist content creators available for commission.

On the tech side, as well as building the website, Progressive built a mobile app where brokers and sales teams can filter the content into the streams that are most relevant to them – to discover relevant content quickly and efficiently. That content can be shared on social media and email at the touch of the button and integrates with the existing Unum IT systems. We all know the importance of content advocates within a company – on Clive this couldn’t be easier.

The outcome

Clive launched in March 2017. Within two months it had already attracted more visitors than the blog site that had previously hosted similar content.

Initial analytics showed high engagement – an average of five page visits per session – with 25% of visitors being directed there from social media.

Rupert Bedell, chief marketing officer at Unum, said: “Progressive Content have helped us to shape our content strategy for the next few years and built a bespoke system that fits our requirement perfectly. It is a real partnership, where we strategise, design, build, fix and succeed together.

“Clive’s success is evident not only in the initial results, but also in the brokers’ keen desire to use it with their own clients. Access to our products, marketing and content is easier and faster than ever before when compared to our competitors, and this is reflected in the feedback we have received.”

Drop us a note and see how Progressive Content can help your brand to engage and expand today.

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