How NatWest’s Marketing Masterclasses let the experts speak for themselves

These videos show the value in letting people speak passionately about their businesses

B2B content marketing can easily become dull. That’s something NatWest’s Business Banking unit has clearly avoided in its series of Marketing Masterclass videos.

Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Growing your business

“Brand is probably the most important thing, beyond people, that any company has,” says Stephen Cheliotis, CEO at The Centre for Brand Analysis at the start of this video.

He speaks directly to SMEs about how brand is more than the logo or colour scheme of a business – it’s about reputation. The potential for agility at smaller enterprises is a gift, he says, allowing the brand to concentrate on getting the basics right and building a common culture.

The video is packed with insight from someone who deals in exactly that – his company brings out an extensive range of research, such as the annual CoolBrands report.

The combination of an enthused presenter, filmed beautifully and filled with clear-headed messages makes the content a great advocate for the host. The video is all about spreading useful information and imparting credibility, ending with three title cards of key takeaways. (Click image to view)

Riding high

This second video acts more as a case study for the type of business that NatWest works with. In this case, it’s a company called Dry Patch that makes “functional and fashionable” seat covers for bicycles and motorbikes.

Chris Gomez, the company founder, takes us through his journey of building a brand. The central message being that you should create a brand, not a product. Or in his words: “A product lasts for a while, but a brand you can keep adding products to.”

Again, the agility of being a small company is seen as an advantage, speaking directly to the likely audience of the content. (Click image to view)

The two videos sit on NatWest’s dedicated content hub ContentLive, meaning the thousands of pieces of content within the platform have a duel purpose – both informing the audience and acting as an advocates for the mothership.

Content Cloud is used to commission and manage editorial and video content for NatWest’s ContentLive.

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