Best of the blogs: Insurance

Struggling to predict tomorrow’s trends in insurance? Look no further than our list of five top insurance blogs, designed to give you inspiration for the content you need to commission.

1. The Insurance Blogger 
In its own words the Insurance Blogger has ‘one simple goal’ – to help its readers keep abreast with developments in the UK’s insurance industry. Written by self-titled industry experts, the blog covers a comprehensive list of topics, from pet insurance to employers’ liability. Don’t expect a barrage of updates, but do expect two or three posts per week that dwell on the offbeat to the analytical – and often both.

2. Insurance Age
The blog from one of the industry’s leading trade journals, Insurance Age, offers comment from a handful of dedicated journalists. Updated every week, the blog is a must-read for industry insiders and a consumer audience – and essential if you want a spin on the major issues the industry faces. The odd aside or quoted statistic could easily inspire an idea to suggest of your own. It’s well worth the rigmarole of the free sign-up process.

3. Risk Heads 
Don’t let the fact that risk heads is commercially supported deter you from reading. And ditto the fact that the author’s confessed specialism is writing software for the insurance industry. Luckily the site’s creator Adam Bishop posts about some of the wider issues facing the sector, and better still, does so with clear logic and concise phraseology.

4. Association of British Insurers 
The Association of British Insurers should be applauded for giving a platform to its team of experts, who offer opinion on everything from data strategy to civil justice. The blog is a welcome counterbalance to the organisation’s corporate, official literature, and boasts more than a dozen of the ABI’s own staff as contributors. As a result, it yields a fresh perspective on issues of the day, which suits the ABI’s status as a thought leader. Post frequency is a tad sporadic but none the less potent for it.

5. Risk&Insurance
For a one-stop shop on the insurance issues facing the US, you can no do no better than looking at Risk&Insurance. Admittedly, this is more of a magazine than a blog, but the site’s stock of insights, info graphics, comment and features should help you think about what issues to cover, and how to talk about them – even if it is from over the pond.

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