How a content-led Twitter strategy can boost your marketing event

Putting on a good event is a marketing high point for any B2B firm – but it’s incomplete without a solid backbone of content

Content Desk has written previously about the benefits of using events to breathe life into your marketing strategy. Whether as the pinnacle of great B2B content marketing or using content to bring live marketing success, putting on a competition-beating show, stream or webinar should be on every marketer’s radar.

But simply arranging an event isn’t enough. If you want to see engagement skyrocket, you need to do more. You need social. You need content.

RBS and Progressive Content worked together to craft a tailored social strategy around a range of events sponsored by the bank. In early August, the project began.

The strategy

The efforts were coordinated to include eight Twitter accounts across the RBS group. These included Lombard, NatWest and RBS’s various finance divisions.

In addition to tweeting regular content from the group’s knowledge bank, ContentLive, the main goal for Progressive Content’s social media aficionados was enhancing engagement and awareness around some forthcoming events. These included innovation fair Venturefest, the Southampton Boat Show and a series of energy and tech seminars.

The next step was delving into the world of social media to take the group’s engagement to the next level. In the end, Progressive settled on a four-pronged attack:

  1. Content calendars – another handy content marketing technique covered in detail on this blog. With ContentLive’s bank of articles and documents at their disposal, the Twitter account handlers could tap into notable news and trends then push relevant content accordingly.
  2. Timing – in addition to gearing posts towards the obvious high points of lunchtime and mid-afternoon, scheduling them for slightly off-kilter times to avoid content overload.
  3. Interactivity – arranging mutual retweeting between the main RBS and Venturefest accounts, resulting in heightened coverage for both.
  4. Diversity – moving away from a staid text-based approach when posting, and experimenting with some exciting photography and infographics embedded in tweets.
The results

So how did the new social strategy fare? The impressions for Lombard, previously one of the group’s smallest accounts, speak for themselves:

Impressions more than doubled – coasting along around the 1,500 mark before Progressive took the reins, they were regularly topping 4,000 on any given day by the start of September.

Findings around the most engaging tweets were also interesting. Those containing imagery, hashtags of trending topics and other account’s handles raced ahead of the pack – all techniques deployed by Progressive. And the uptake keeps on growing. Not bad for a month’s work and a few small tweaks.

Live events, strategic content and social media create a perfect storm of content marketing excellence. The RBS example shows how quickly the rewards can be reaped.

Get the content right around live events, funnel it to the right people and switch up your formatting – a few easy tips to see engagement and impressions soar.

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