The month ahead in content marketing: July 2017

What does the month ahead hold in the world of content marketing? Content Desk explores all the latest tips, tricks and trends to find out…

Content creation

A veritable smorgasbord of content creation inspiration has emerged over the past month, with wide-ranging predictions on how industry trends will shape the future of content.

Of particular note are the accelerating changes in content consumption.

Understanding innovative new formats is becoming an indispensable part of content marketers’ remit. This means appreciating the intricate workings of interactivity and bolder content experimentation to stave off the staleness that can set in from the same old content grind day in, day out.

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Campaigns and conversions

Content marketing may be turned to many uses, but its prowess at creating business leads is a top priority for many advocates.

Content marketing is a key method for driving conversions but there are some important tips that should be followed to maximise its effectiveness.

This ranges from broad advice on strategies that can be used across platforms to drive conversions via content, as well as specific instructions on when and when not to use controversial tactics such as PPC.

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SME and industry-specific content

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to content marketing. A refined approach is required for businesses of different sizes and specialities.

For many small firms, investing in and optimising content to ensure it works well requires time and money that is simply not available. As a result, understanding how SMEs approach marketing, automation and social media is an essential precursor to winning them over to the joys of content.

A similarly subtle approach is required when crafting content for different industries. Although there are some catch-all tips, awareness of different industries’ specific requirements is vital for content marketing agencies attempting to satisfy a range of different clients at the same time.

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