The month in content marketing: March 2017

Take a look at the top trends of March 2017 – including some fundamental questions over the future of content marketing 

Customer centrism

The notion that customers should be at the heart of content marketing efforts seems obvious. But with many techniques so frequently overlooked it’s worth thinking more carefully about it.

The advantages of personalised content marketing remains a hot topic. Research suggests positive experiences in the buying process can make on-the-fence customers five times more likely to complete a purchase, with content the key to drawing people out of their social media boltholes into a personalised purchasing paradise.

But customer engagement doesn’t stop with an article click or product purchase. Content must be a signpost, drawing people into long-term contact and turning purchasers into brand evangelists.

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Marketing enhancements

The speed with which the world of marketing continues to evolve is alarming for those trying to keep up – the amount of quantitative change means that puzzled onlookers end up watching a vastly different game with each year that passes.

New developments need strategic reorientation. Whether making small refinements to tried and tested formats or attempting to carve out a niche amid the relentless digital revolution, there is always room for innovation.

This need for innovation plays into the hands of content marketers. Marketers of all kinds can be guilty of getting entangled in jargon – to the detriment of their connections with potential purchasers. Content can be that key to humanising brands and building connections with audiences.

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Compelling content

Making content as compelling as possible lies at the heart of what content marketers do.

This can come through quickfire enhancements, such as more advanced storytelling, or long term evolution, such as refocused content strategies. The key point is that less may well be more – and the argument is growing that the benefits of publishing as much content as possible have been overstated for a long time. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way as the focus heightens on generating more engagement with less content.

Tailoring platforms can be just as useful as tailoring content – there are some intriguing insights to be found on consumers’ favoured formats. Making content as compelling as possible means ensuring it is reaching consumers in a format they will want to consume.

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