The month ahead in content marketing: June 2017

Content Desk unpacks the industry’s trending topics to find out what’s around the corner for content marketers this month…

User experiences

Ensuring your consumers have the best experience possible from your content is crucial to building trust and enhancing your brand.

Content creators must be aware that mastery of intent lies at the heart of this. Knowing your audience and being able to target them is crucial. Keywords and strategies are becoming useless amid the hordes of internet users who know what they want but can’t find the words to express it.

On top of getting into the minds of consumers, the rise of automation is an unmissable opportunity for content marketers. The onward march of content technology is giving innovators more opportunities than ever before to revolutionise user experiences.

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Content intelligence

Making content more intelligent is a huge topic, covering a range of challenges and hurdles. However, a cross-company injection of intelligence can offer an edge over the competition.

Content intelligence requires some changes in the technology and techniques you’re using, and can mean short-term investment for long-term payoff. Examples include awareness of AI’s growing importance, understanding of revolutionary products and the possibilities arising from platform integration.

However, making intelligent content an integral part of how agencies operate means more than throwing money at new products and better AI. It also concerns the more imposing task of heaving firms into the 21st century with a technologically-attuned culture shift. Businesses eschewing insight and persevering with caveman content risk oblivion.

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Customer and sales journeys

The concept of user journeys is a popular one across B2B and B2C marketing, bringing a much-needed sense of lively adventure to the buying process.

By dividing these journeys into steps, content marketers can harvest insights on what sort of content to use and when – thus augmenting their chances of generating a purchase.

Much like a real journey, creating leads and nurturing sales is a process with a beginning, middle and an end. Content marketers must be prepared to hone their offering for every stage.

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