Kraft: content is special sauce

Content produces four times the return on investment (ROI) of ads for Kraft, according to the company’s Director for data, content and media, Julie Fleischer.

Speaking at the Content Marketing World conference in Cleveland, Fleischer was garlanded with the title, “Content marketer of the year.”

She said content should be viewed in the same way as paid advertising. 

On that basis Fleischer said Kraft’s content produced the equivalent of 1.1 billion ad impressions every year, with four times the ROI of traditional ads, even targeted ads.

Content is, “An invitation to engage,” she said. “It’s not intrusive and invites the consumer in”. Kraft’s content marketing took off in 2012 following following the company’s split into two separate entities, Kraft and Mondelez .


Looking at content led to a reappraisal of Facebook as a channel. Fleischer said Facebook is often regarded as a free or ‘earned’ channel, with companies putting little or no investment behind the content as a result.

Facebook is, “Not about putting something out every day to be part of the conversation.”

She said the same standards should be applied to Facebook posts as to paid content posts. Facebook really is a paid channel, she said. “If you wouldn’t spend money behind it, then why do it? It’s shouting into the wind without making a sound”.


Kraft marries its content marketing with data mining from those visiting its many websites. It then segments those data with some 22,000 attributes and serves content based on data insights.

Programmatic buying allows Kraft to narrow down consumer segments and deliver targeted content. This makes the content relevant. “We seek to drive effectiveness, better segmenting, targeting and serving relevant communications,” she said.

Fleisher is a big advocate of programmatic buying. “Relevant content programmed strategically with your advertising makes your advertising work harder for you,” she said.


The company also jumps on trends and investigates them quickly. For example if particular foods are trending on Pinterest then Kraft can start testing promoted pins for the same content.

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