Bigger screen, more content

When Apple unveiled the new range of larger iPhones earlier this year, there was a lot of speculation about how the new devices might influence the consumption of content.

Well, the early indications probably fit with many people’s instincts: namely, the bigger the screen, the more it will be used to display content. Figures from Pocket suggest a perfect correlation between the size of an iPhone (the 5s is smaller than an iPhone 6, which is outsized by the iPhone 6 Plus) and how it ‘competes’ with a user’s iPad:


Perhaps more surprising is the impact of device size on total times spent consuming content across both a phone and a tablet. Pocket also found that:

Those with the 6 now open 33% more articles and videos inside Pocket than they did with a 5/5S, and those with the 6 Plus open 65% more items than they did with a smaller phone.

Other key findings

– A bigger screen means more video. iPhone 6 Plus owners watch 40% more video than owners of an iPhone 5.

– iPhone 6 Plus users are less mobile. iPhone 6 Plus owners read 22% less on their morning commutes than those with an iPhone 5/5S or 6.

– No matter which iPhone a person owns, they still use their iPads for late-night, bedtime reading.

Pocket arrived at these figures after analysing data harvested from its Pocket app, which included more than 2 million article and video opens.

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