21 times Thora Hird, and getting more retweets

Try typing ‘How to tweet’ into Google. Finished? Now try to plod through the 153m results… if all of these meet the ideal seven-minute read rule, you would need more than 1bn minutes to read the lot – that’s approximately 1,901 years, or roughly 21 times the life span of Thora Hird, who died a few weeks before her 92nd birthday.

Luckily, a free ebook can shorten that 1bn minutes to the mere time it takes to ascend 270m on a Stannah Chairlift (i.e. 30 minutes).

The title isn’t catchy, but then ’23 Quick & Easy Ways to Get More Twitter Retweets’ does what it says on the tin. Written by Boom! Social CEO Kim Garst (@kimgarst), the book provides much of the material you need to know – in fact, merely glancing at the book’s 27 chapter titles yields some useful lessons.

Here is a selection of the best:

1. Use mentions
2. Use hashtags
3. Reach other time zones
4. Tweet great content
5. Include a number
6. Use caps
7. Say thanks

You’ll have to register your details (name and email address) to access the full download, but it’s well worth the effort.


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