Discover The Amazing Marketing Gibberish Generator

 Content that makes your market smile can be a great way to spread the word

How much marketing gibberish do you speak? Not as much as you’d like? Then you need the services of the Marketing Gibberish Generator. Click a button and you have 100 words of high quality, totally meaningless marketing speak.

Like this:

Verticals goals for engagement Gen Y sticky content robust market share. Millennials wearables snackable content B2B verticals.

Or how about:

Target influencer low hanging fruit dashboard leading the pack The Cloud. Mission critical tweens long-tail CPM granular user-friendly fanbassador brand voice inbound customer shoptimization.

The link went like wildfire around our office, and then spread to friends and colleagues in other agencies and businesses. Created almost a year ago, it is clearly got staying power. It’s a viral success and a great example of successful content marketing.

The company behind it all is Column Five, a Californian marketing agency whose tag line is ‘Let’s Do Cool Shit!’. Seriously. And hats off to them. They’ve produced a piece of content that meets a need of its audience: to smile.

There’s something even smarter going on too. Sharing the link is a great way to show your network that you are self-aware, have a sense of humour and are on trend. It is content that serves a purpose – that’s why it succeeds.

Brand visibility
The content generator did the rounds of the Content Cloud office a few weeks ago, but it was only when I came to write this piece that I clicked through on the company logo to see what sort of organization was behind it.

I suspect the same will be true of the many thousands of global marketers who have enjoyed the gibberish. Could Column Five have done more to capitalize on their success? The page they created has a clean design and is wonderfully easy to use but it doesn’t invite further action.

There are links to Facebook and Twitter and the logo links to the business’s homepage but there’s no overt reason to click them. Would the page have been ruined by a button saying ‘Now try marketing without the gibberish’ or ‘This way for straight talking marketing success’? There’s certainly an argument for the ‘less is more approach’ but sometimes less is less.

If Column Five were a client of ours, the advice would be to set up some A-B testing to see what happened to shares and click-through with a range of different treatments. Perhaps they’ve done exactly that.

Whatever the case, it’s a useful reminder that there’s plenty of room for humour when producing content, and that ‘audience’ is just marketing gibberish for ‘human beings’.

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